Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seeds and Things to Sow/Sew

It started out chilly today and never seemed to warm up enough.
For me.

I had a sewing remedy to work on and a 1pm appointment for a client to fit a wedding dress I am altering. (She's not wearing it to her wedding, she's dressing up for a period event in Tombstone. I told her she should tell everyone she is a mail-order bride, preassembled, ready to go to the judge!)
I thought it might be warmer outside on the porch but I ended up out in the yard in the direct sun, in the purple plastic Adirondack chair to eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast.
The spider isn't real. I found it on one of my walks with Little Red-Haired Girl at Halloween time. Thought it might be a deterrent to ??? It has given a few of my friends a two step. It's even scared me a time or two.
There was a bunch of commotion going on just before I went out. Somebody had come and dumped a load of ?mulch?
Workers were busy as little bees loading wheelbarrows and moving it into the schoolyard. 
I made a pot of coffee and got on to the sewing remedy...
a pair of pants that were too big around the waist needed something done. I had already hemmed them for him, but he said they kept slipping down now.
L.R.H.G. got tired of pacing back and forth from room to room as I worked my sewing feats, so went out to lay around and do nothing, which she is very, very good at....

1pm on the dot, my new friend/alteration client showed up and I sat on the floor and hand pinned the entire string of lace back around the bottom edge because it looked scalloped now that it had been taken up off dragging on the floor.
I had cut it off allowing 1/2" all around to turn under and had measured exactly 3", pinned, measured, pinned, measured, get the picture. Just to do it all over again...

So now we are 2 hours into the alteration. It's a good thing I decided to be friends. I could never charge her enough now....

We chatted until Little Red-Haired Girl started trying to manipulate my, and now her new friend into getting her dinner for her...She's got a built in clock and it was 4 o'clock, by George..."Where's my dinner!"

My new friend brought me some seeds to sow. I like new friends like that. 
I told her I love zinnias and sure enough there were some zinnias. 

I think I'll put them along the fence in the front. I think I have to wait till March for the last frost.

I guess I can wait.

I guess I'll have to.
See this stadium just above the purple plastic Adirondack chair?

The mother was out walking her kids again yesterday and I forgot to show you. 
They are so sweet.
Don't you think?

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