Thursday, February 9, 2012

Psycho Babble

"Good morning Little Red-Haired Girl. What are you gonna do today?"

"I don know, you have a bowl of cereal in your hands, I can't think right now."...
"Okay, well, I'm gonna go out and get some sun and eat MY bowl of cereal, you already had breakfast."
"Yeah, but do you really think that was enough for me to keep my girlish figure? 
I thought that was just an appetizer, no?"

I tried to look away, enjoy the scenery and bask for a minute, peacefully in the natural vitamin D.
She just wouldn't go away...
Until... she had licked the last of the bowl of "no sugar added" - Almond Milk with particles of cereal floating around completely clean...
Then she couldn't get away fast enough..
Little Orphan Annie, waiting patiently in the shadows for her to come back over.
I got up right behind her and walked back into the house...time to go, go, go..

"Faux" bug. We do have bugs this big and I have been in the tub with one crawling down the shower tiles...
...a scene from Psycho ensues..

"Time to get ready to go," I tell the little girl.
It's another "Cleaning Lady" day.  (no affiliation/recommendation. just used clip art)

I tell Little Red-Haired Girl, "You be a good girl, I'll be right back." 

She knows what that means and she asks to get up on her perch on the arm of the sofa with all her pile of fluffy soft stuff..
Poor little latchkey kid.
Today my friends on Facebook shared this with me, now I will share it with you...

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