Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stop Shopping

Grace Chapel is getting ready to plow the soil to start our Community Garden. We had a committee meeting after service this morning.

There are lots of good ideas and a good sized committee to get things started.

Someone has secured a tractor to plow and that will start very soon. We talked about giving the children an incentive to remove rocks; but Pastor grimaced because he uses that as a means of discipline...when someone acts out in class.

We talked about building storage units for tools and supplies utilizing the hundreds of pallets one of our members has on his grounds for his road striping business.

Tiny houses are popping up everywhere but there is a site devoted to them:
And here is a link for a pallet house: from the same author.

I found these images by Googling "pallet shed images" sometime back but now can't identify the original owner.

Leaving Church, I have to drive by the Quonset huts in the neighboring property and it always make me think about the dreams I have for my own, still laying in pieces after eight years, waiting for me to come up with THE plan...

They just look like giant tin cans buried half way into the ground. But I think they are full of possibility.

You should see what Lauren Hutton did with them out in the desert of New Mexico ...
You'll have to visit the In-Style site or find the magazine article, it is amazing...darned money!
Mine is a SteelMaster USA, just like hers.Can't wait to see that dream a reality.

Oh, so many dreams...

Actually making and having a dinner on my nice china...Ha! That's a big dream.

Laying around all day and watching Fred Flintstone cartoons...yeah, right!

Back to today and reality...

Food shopping and back home for a few things to do.

Sat with the wedding dress on my lap for a couple of what seemed like hours, hand basting:
  1. the line to place the lace back around the hem,
  2. the lining hem,
  3. the tulle petticoat take-up.
Time to rest. It is The Lords Day. Shame on me for working. Shame on me for shopping and make others have to work.

Little Red-Haired Girl when she really was little...way back when Stevie Weevie, L.R.H.G. and I lived in the big house in California.

We miss you Stevie Weevie.

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