Monday, February 6, 2012

Run Over By A Train Of Thought

"...not every thought to every thought succeeds indifferently."

"Dear Roger, I love you very much. Because you are hansom and nice and you have curls on top of your head you wear clean clothes almost all the time. Love Sarah...
Oh, the things you can find in the course of a day...

Still working on the garage/studio reclamation project, (I've lost track of how many days now) ...

The desk area is the worst.
Man oh Manachevis do papers accumulate.

When I moved the "Lollipops & Polka Dots" shop home, everything went into what was to be the home-based studio/store/shop. Too much dust, heat, cold. I couldn't take it, it wasn't fair to customers, I was ashamed!

Because limitations keep me from considering a different location, I am back to trying to figure out how to do it better. So I  must do with what I have.

To quote Rita, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without." She's one of the few treasures left from that generation.

This morning a man used that very quotation on the Thom Hartmann Show and Thom commented about the sad demise of that ideal. So just now while I was looking up the source of that quotation, I found a whole blog devoted to the concept.
It's been revived.
I'm telling you, there are amazing things going on out there among all of us who are just trying to have a little, wee bit of the American Dream and leave some for others. Amazing stuff. Check this girl out, The Non-Consumer Advocate:

So anyway, earlier today, I ran into the "Dear Roger" letter (above) which I wrote when I was about, oh, 10ish?
I can still see him crossing through our yard, on his way home, as I glared out my bedroom window to admire his curly top. He was in love with a different girl, however. My first broken heart.

And then there was Lon Chaney, yes you heard it here and no, I'm not that old.
Lon Chaney lived up on the main street. He had several brothers. In our little neighborhood, some kid was always putting on a "garage fair". My older sister was the bomb at it. She would rig up all kinds of games and events, charge a fee and make money. Well, Lon Chaney and his brothers were sponsoring an event in their garage and up to that point, I was in Love, again, with him. I think he was in my class. (and if my memory serves me, he was the very same one who put "drop dead" notes in my desk and all of my supplies, everywhere I looked!)

But then the big reveal...he was barefoot and he had duck feet. Duck Feet! I couldn't like him after that. Go figure. Boy, was I picky. I just couldn't like him. Duck feet, eww!
(eww: "gross, something you did not want to see, hear, feel, taste, or smell.")

Duck feet look good on ducks.  

Picture found here:
"So, no wonder she's single" I can hear you.
Quite frankly, I think I designed it that way. Oh well, either way it's the same. Single is single.

Another day, another negative dollar.

Word of the day.. addled "Make unable to think clearly; confuse."
(I found this word while reading an article at At the bottom he said, "Going one step further, do those of us who eat beef want to consume meat of unhealthy or sugar-addled animals?" I thought it was intentional and I wanted to know what a sugar-addled animal is. I think he just meant to say sugar-added animal.
See the article here:  (about what poor little cows are fed)
Read about what we do with too much of our left over stuff here:

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