Saturday, February 4, 2012

Inching It's Way to Collapse

The hardest part about tolerating no furnace is getting up in the morning.
Finally up and bones warmed with a hot, hot shower; I got busy on the garage reclamation project, day 3.

I put off putting on make-up and drying hair until a friend called and wondered if "I was entertaining guests today?"

"Sure", I said, then went to rush, rush...
She brought cookies...mmmmm! Melt in your mouth, lemon wafer-thin goodies from our big city, 50 miles away.

After she left, I got back to "clutter busting". Made a lot of progress.

It's gettin' there.

The wind picked up around 3pm and I started to realize the fence in the back was creaking again. Worse now and as I inspected, it appeared to be inching it's way to collapse...

Time to do something.

I got some boards and my pounder-inner-thing and went out to see what to do.

The first remedy didn't work. The post holes were too big now and the wood posts had rotted at their "cankles". I went back around to get some wire fence posts and the post pounder-inner-thingy and, this time unleashed the gate to the alley so I wouldn't have to walk all the way around again.

Even though the scenery is gorgeous.

Just a few too many electrical wires hanging all around, but I'm not complaining, really...

The second remedy hit the mark... no creaking for now. No trying to fall over...for now...

As I was working on this project, I realized that someone had left a Christmas tree right up against my fence. It was hard to notice because the grass is grown up in the alley. I suppose they figured the City will take it away whenever they do alley maintainence...

That didn't make me very happy as it is a fire hazard NOW! So I dragged it out just to the edge of the alley away from my property.
By the time I got back to do the metal posts, a man had come down the alley in his truck and had gotten out to move it right back to where it was.

"That's not where that goes!" I said, In a not-so-friendly tone!

"Well, it doesn't go in the alley either", he replied and got back in his truck and left as I was dragging it up closer to the main drag...huff, huff!

"That'll teach 'em", I thought.

"God, may I not rant at this point, if you please..."

And I found wood others had trimmed off their trees, hiding in the grass as well.

Now that I can burn in the fireplace, but still....

And then the orange ironing board that has been there for weeks...I finally stood it up against their trash container, "There", I thought, now someone can see it and maybe want it, broken!?"

"hmmm, wonder what I could do with that...hmmm, NOT!"

And what about this big piece of concrete? 
"If I can figure out how to get it around, I could use it as a stepping stone, skip to my lou..."
Oh, the things one can find in the course of a day...

Wasn't I clutter bustin'?

Just enjoy the birds and the bees,

...and the flowers and the trees...

...and the moon up above...
(can you see the moon in several of these shots?...Look closely)...

And a thing called LOVE...

I went to check the mail, came back, sat for a minute in the purple plastic Adirondack chair, looked over at Little Red-Haired Girl, said, "What's for dinner?" looked up into the sky, and said to myself, "That was a good day."

Don't ya think?

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