Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh Two, Oh Two, Two Oh One Two

02.02.2012, Groundhog Day.
Dates with numbers like these are fun.

If you look at the word two too many times, it starts looking wrong.

I wanted to be in my sewing room creating something...I asked Little Red-Haired Girl what she thought we should accomplish for the day...

"Well, one of these days, I think you should vacuum this floor. Not that I care, but; what will people think?"
I thought I might go out and get the recyclables into the back of Bartholomew and off to the dump....
But Little Orphan Annie had other ideas. 
Back to the house for a minute to see what could be done somewhere. I walked down the hall and into the bedroom just as Thom Hartman was talking about how "more stuff doesn't make us happier...."; and I wondered if my comment the day before had inspired his conversation today, so I jumped online and looked for a reply to my inquiry...

I wrote: [People keep arguing that "they have already paid taxes on that money". Please straighten me out. They haven't paid taxes on the gains. ? They have only paid taxes on the original earnings from wages. ? Isn't the capital gains tax on the gains over the investment?
Overall, the income disparity is still an issue of the wealth having power. They only have that wealth because the 99% buys into what they are selling.
Seems to me the "simplest" answer is for all of the 99% to stop wanting to be rich, start living in simplicity. Cut out diamonds, gold, excess technical crutches, stop shopping at Wallymart, start personal and community gardens, start helping each other with time instead of money.
too naive?]
There was no reply...Winnie the Pooh again!

Yes, a bit naive, but that's what I'm shooting for. Bang, bang!

So after that, I got a cup of coffee in my alter ego cup, Susan, and went out to face the music in the garage that would be my home based business, ha!...

Double ha!

I made a great dent in it throughout the course of the day.

Trouble was that I got trapped in memory lane..

An old book by Rod McKuen "Caught in the Quiet". (I was moving my books back into the house)...

"The Art of Loving", by Erich Fromm
He mentioned discipline, practice, courage and activity.

Organic Gardening books, horses, birds, decorating....

"Just take them in the house...don't look at them", I said to myself. It didn't work.

But I work fast and furiously, so I still got a lot done.

This isn't the best result but it was the last picture I took of my accomplishments.

Here it is in better days..

When my sweet Stevie Weevie was still with me...
How did it get that messed up in a year? Looks like it was Valentine time.

Ah, memory lane..."Skip to My Lou"...

When I didn't think I was pretty, and I thought I was fat!

"The day, ah, yesterday,
Betwixt the wine and song and love’s longing holding us close,
When the candles were lighting glitters in your soft blue eyes,
Why? Did you have to leave me?"

I see my mother in my face...

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