Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Labor For Wages

Today I sold my labor for wages. I was "the cleaning lady".

It was 12:30 when I started, almost 4pm when I finished. I did a good job.

Driving home, I saw some pretty scenery.

Little Red-Haired Girl was putting on her shoes when I got home. 
"I'm ready".
Here we go again...
She dragged me over to the other side this time. Something smelled like "cookies" over there. Every time she made me stop, I saw something interesting.

When we get to the park, I let her loose. 

She doesn't go far before she wants me to pick the leash back up, it makes her feel freer. The leash dragging makes her feel pressed down, I suppose.

She went past the front gate and decided we needed to check the mail. 

Coming back was this view of my holey tree. Woodpeckers. 
They're so cute to watch but this poor old tree is so brittle. I suppose it is just so old. The house was built in 1945, so I guess it has had a good life. 

I love it, though. It is a wonderful shade for the yard and house during the scorching summer. Every wind, more limbs come out. Wood for the fire, so far no falls in bad places, knock on wood!

By the time we got home it was almost 5.


Time to call it a day and hang up the tools...

I'll be "seeing" you...

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