Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Crewel of The While Waiting

The seven pair of pants were mended, the gentleman had come to pick them up and no other "jobs" were in-line to be done. It was one of those why-we-live-in-beautiful-southern-AZ days.

I decided to get out the shovel and be a gardener for the day.

It was a no make-up, hope nobody-shows-up-for alterations, bask-in-the-beautiful-weather day.

The old brown trash can was full of half composted refuse. Time to do better with it. It was heavier than lead but I managed to turn it over.

The grounds had been groomed to apply it.

A layer of half dry green grass was laid as a foundation...

...Wire fence cages placed over it to allow for aeration and easy release to turn it; and then the contents of the brown trash can were layered with leaves, dirt and the half composted food..

Eventually they will either be planted or let loose for a raised bed. We'll see if the experiment works.

All the while the day was looking like this:

(not so) Little Red-Haired Girl had found her spot and was helping by eating grubs...eww.
(she'll look a lot skinnier when she can finally hang up her fur coat for the warm weather but she's still eating good, it's her favorite thing to do.)

So the day was going good, a lot was getting done. All of a sudden I looked up just in time to see my neighbor friend drive by, honk and hang his arm out to wave.

Suddenly, he was pulled up to the gate, ill-parked and wanting to know if I wanted to ride to a neighboring city.

"Sure", I thought.

So I rushed in and threw on eyebrows and lips and that was all he would wait for.
I hopped in with my dirty boots and ground-covered clothes and off we went for an adventure. He had printing to pick up, I had nothing to do but go for the ride.

Are you jealous California (from once I came to get away from traffic and crazy busy)?

Blue skies and wide open spaces. That soothes my soul.

This is what I gleaned for the day, (besides all the labor of love accounted for above toward general food security):

My friend wanted to stop here. I cringed as I was afraid I would find something to want.

I did. I talked myself out of it...barely making ends meet and all...

But my mother always said, "If you think you will loose sleep over it, better get it."

Wise Woman! Poor, but wise.

We had gone up to visit his friend and I started to panic about the store closing before I could get the chair out of my head.

"Can you take me back?" I asked. He and his friend had another quick errand to run, so they said they would come back for me.
"Would you mind sitting it outside the door so I can wait for my friend to come back to pick me up?"
"I can't believe how big this van is," he says as Ms. SpoolTeacher sat way in the back behind her $35 marked down to 50% off, $17.50 "Woodmark Originals, crewel-work-covered, Queen Anne-style wingback chair".

She can't believe her good fortune and others misunderstanding the value of things...there isn't much of that around anymore, it really feels like a treasure find at times like these.
Having worked in the furniture retail trade most of her career, Ms. SpoolTeacher had had many a hard time trying to sell a Woodmark chair because it was so good it was worth the money, but it was hard to find someone with enough to want to let go of it. 

"Home again, home again, jiggety jig", dirty boots and all...

All in a good days work.

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  1. Oh ! Dead envious ! love this..just noticed that you posted this some time ago ...sorry , I just came across it . I 'd have done the same : )