Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fabric Tsunami Hits Ms. SpoolTeacher's House

"Warning, When I Am An Old Woman, I Shall Wear Purple"
Storm Warning: A fabric tsunami hits Ms. SpoolTeacher's house in a little town in South Eastern Arizona. Look out, it may be coming to your house soon. She's not taking special orders. One of a kind, what ya see's is what's ya gitz! (in other words, no more trying to read people's minds)

Three or four or five years or so ago, she got the brilliant idea to open her own Custom Window Coverings/Design Studio in a little Podunk town in Arizona where no one wants anything on their windows. But, if'n they do, there is so much competition that she could never come up with a price that someone wouldn't come up with one lower...after they'd used her samples to chose the choice and all her brilliant advice.
So, the silver or blue or yellow or green or purple lining is... lots and lots and lots and lots of fabric sample books.
Oh, boy! Oh, boy!
She actually thinks that is why she opened the Custom Window Coverings/Design Studio in the first place.

She has this wonderful little pattern of this wonderful little pouffy pouch and has individually cut out numerous intuitively custom pattern placed leaflets and intuitively "married" them to each other in a way that she was inspired to do...

She altered the pattern first and made a bigger size and after making the bigger sized one, decided that the smaller might be cuter.

So as with a lot of other things, she didn't bother to finish the first bigger one before she got carried away with the smaller ones....

So now she's thinkin' about the linings...
Silver, yellow, blue, orange?
As linings go, she has always thought that when she becomes an old woman, she will sit in a rocking chair on the front porch and eat as many chocolates as the box could hold and wouldn't worry about gaining an ounce. But the trouble with that is that she has finally realized that she is allergic to chocolate.
Imagine that. So purple it will be.

...When she gets old.
"Did I have dinner already?"

"Well, can I have a cookie dookie then?"

"How about I go out and get some kitty poo?"
Good night bobbins, good night spools of thread.
I'll see you again tomorrow.

God willing.

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