Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sundays And Easters Gone By

We must have come from church this day. We're all dressed up in dresses.

Usually our mother was behind the camera. If she wasn't behind the camera, she was behind a sewing machine. All of the clothes on the three of us were hand-made by her. The dress she is wearing, I don't recognize.

Either before or after the camera shop, we would most definitely have been or going to the House of Fabrics, fabric store. She would stop at the See's Candy shop and get us each a lollipop and then sit us down at the pattern table while she picked through the remnant bins for pieces of matching fabric big enough to make each of us something new. It was her favorite thing to do.

We were two, three and four here. I'm not sure who was taking the picture. I suppose it could have been our father. I can't quite remember all the times of his comings and goings. He was a military man and often off on a detail somewhere, somewhere we couldn't go.
Here we are as always, dresses all alike. Poor little sister got the dresses handed down twice.

This looks like the same day but the pictures have different months on them. Don't know how we managed to keep our hairs the same for that long of a stretch?

I can hear the woman behind the camera saying, "Smile and do something cute".

It must have been just about Easter time and we were all going to or coming from church.

I can' imagine why our father would be this dressed up unless he was headed to church with us. And at that, it must have been Easter again.
He loved to dress and he was quite good at it. Handsome, boy he was.
Looks like he was somewhere else though, as usually he truly was.

It was this time last year that I lost my Stevie Weevie. I like to remember her like this; on a trip with me to my sister's house, sleeping with me and my niece.
She was such a great dog. I just hope she was resurrected as well.

Thank you Jesus.

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