Monday, April 16, 2012

She Can't Control Her Licker

No appointments for housekeeping, no pants to hem, and the weather a wonderful perfect temperature and atmosphere; (degrees you ask...that is a guy thing, she just knew it was a perfect day), it was a wonderful day to do yard work...
The "south forty" has been being neglected and is really the better spot to set up more raised beds.
Ms. SpoolTeacher has visions of an organic food haven, even though the Southwest challenges are great, she loves a good challenge.

For several years now, she has been corralling all of her fallen leaves. So by now she has a variety of stages of leaf mold occurring.
The clump in the first picture is from this pile. She had pulled the wire round off of the heap, moved the empty wire round to a clearing beside where it had been and was distributing the contents to pull out the driest parts to load in the bottom and then put the more decomposed contents on top of those. She is hoping to plant the rounds with vegetables now; she thinks they are ready to grow.
As you can tell from the first picture, life was forming deep in the depths of the pile, which was about 3 feet high. All through the interior, growth was occurring. 
She managed to get three wire rounds ready to grow, grow, grow....
And soil rich with decomposed leaf mold still left to toss under the pomegranate tree and more for the plum she'll do tomorrow.

And more leaves to start another heap.
The great thing about fall is leaves. The great thing about leaves is leaf mold.
She is still learning how to do it right but there aren't very many ways to do it too awfully wrong.
We'll see. She'll be planting them soon and hopefully will remember to take progress shots...
Here are the tomato babes out for a "hardening off" experience.
Here's the yard work she did the day before, raking leaves for the leaf pile farther in the back, leaf piles everywhere, everywhere a tree or wind blown crevice...
And Little Ms. Red-Haired Girl whirling circles around her feet trying to get her attention that, "It's four o'clock already, dinner, dinner, dinner. Come on already you've been doing this all day!"
Me, me, me. Such a demanding Little Red-Haired Girl. What little hair she has left.
"Warning: Spoiled rotten Little Red-Haired Girl Lives here and she can't control her licker!"

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