Wednesday, April 4, 2012

She Looks A Little Naked

Little Red-Haired Girl was clipped with scissors not long ago with the ultimate goal to bathe her and run the electric sheers through what was left of her hair.
So, here she is as a ragamuffin, pre-bath/sheers. In her groove, she is.
She finally got a bath and I decided not to traumatize her right away with the sheers so waited another week.
Finally, I thought she could handle it.
I stood her up on the table out on the front patio and she behaved just like a little trouper...she even rolled over on her side for me when I needed her too, (without growling).
The sheers on the other hand, behaved as though they were purchased at Wally World.

So, she still looks a little ragged. She gets the closest trim I can do because the sheers are so lousy, I don't want to put her or me through it any more than I have to.

She was very quick to get away and hide, once I let her on her way, tail a-flaggin'.
She seemed especially light on her feet paws when we went soon after for our walk, she seemed to be strutting, feeling free. She almost ran and didn't limp at all. She did look a little scalped and was shivering one unexpectedly cold morning after...
So I cut the top off of an old pair of panty hose and she is sporting the body-slimming outfit here.
Skinny Minnie.
I think she did loose a little weight this year; we've really been trying.
"What's for dinner" is her middle name.
And I managed to get the little tomato sprouts into larger pots today. Hope I didn't traumatize them. (I had to separate pairs as just about every seed sprouted, I had put two in each peat-pod) The were starting to look like they needed more space.
Wish me luck, I may need to open a grocery store if they all survive.
Crossing fingers.

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