Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Angie Boog...

My, how time does fly...
Here you are waiting in your Mama's tummy, Daddy eating a hamburger; we were all so looking forward to you.
It wasn't long before you arrived, much to our delight.
I babysat you one night not long after you'd arrived...I hovered over the crib all night, watching you breath, afraid you'd stop.
You looked like an angel.
Your Mama would buggy you over to my little house and we'd all sit and enjoy "our little girl baby".
I suppose you were a few months old when she left you with me there and I cleaned all my lower cupboards out so you could crawl through them, (there weren't any dividers). All the pots and pans were on the floor and you would sit among them and play for hours.

My friend and I would take you out to dinner and all you would eat is french fries and a coke and you would terrorize all the other diners by making a menace out of yourself; but I didn't know any better how to discipline you and I just wanted you to feel free...

As you grew up and started riding your little stingray bicycle, I can recall many, many times of driving up to your little house on the court and hear you exclaiming from afar, "Aunt Sahr!", That's how you said my name.
I loved it. I loved you. You'd come speeding up on your "motorcycle" and give me a giant hug.

I took you with me every chance I could, everywhere I went. Those were the days before seat belt laws and you would ride standing up right next to me. Sometimes we'd go all the way to the beach, just you and me.
I remember trying to get you to leave a shop but you were fascinated with something and I made the mistake of saying, "Okay, I'm leaving you here." You screamed and ran, but I felt just awful for doing it.

And do you remember the time you and I and one of your friends drove all the way from Tucson to California with the two of you in the bed of my truck dressed in your bathing suits, getting a suntan? Boy the truck drivers really were a honkin'! And then we broke down exactly at the desert "Camel Stop" mechanic shop and I had exactly the $18 dollars in my wallet needed to get whatever it was fixed.
Oh, the fun I have had with you.
And I love to see that your life has turned out so good and that you have become the wonderful woman that you are.

I found a few of these pictures that Gramma R had put in albums and left them to us after she died...

She put on the back of this one:
Angela's Birthday Slumber party 1983 9 yrs old Pomona
Rosie, Cindy, Angela, Cindy B, Missie
I think you guys all wore balloon boobies and marched around, quite proudly, laughing. (but not in this picture)

You and Melissa, you always a fashion plate...

Hugging Gramma.

Hugging Soo Soo. I think this Christmas, Soo Soo was taken out of moth balls for you, probably cleaned up and refreshed, "Here we go with Soo Soo". When you were just a toddler, you would hold his tail and one of us, usually Aunt Ms. SpoolTeacher, would hold his head and together we would travel all over Gramma's house singing the Soo Soo song.

Patchouli wasn't much younger than you. You'd known her most of your life. She was everywhere you were. Sweet little Chouli.

Once again, you as a fashion plate.

You and Gramma celebrating your birthdays together this year. I think Aunt Nennie was out.

Not long after the birthday celebration, brother Brett was born and you were the best-est ever sister.

My, how time does fly. We're twenty years apart and I can't believe we have seen so many years go by, together and apart. You're always, and forever will be, a huge big part of my heart.

Happy Birthday, Angie Boog. I love you to pieces.

Aunt Sahr

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