Sunday, March 18, 2012

Storm Warning, Feels Like A Heavy Rain

As promised; the temperature dropped, the wind raked and the limb that has been trying to make its way to the ground for years, finally found success.
I shoved it over the fence. It was starting to leaf out.
The best part is that it fell right in the dirt on the parkway and missed anything of value, people and pets included.
The sad part is that my beloved shade tree is diminishing. It really should be made into firewood; but I'm gonna try to hang in for as long as possible. It is so pretty and such lovely shade in the summer.
The limb could be touched from the sidewalk.
It was just a matter of time.

They say we may get snow tomorrow. Some people say it won't get this far south. Either way, the weather is always a surprise and I'm starting to be able to intuit the timing of planting things.

Good thing the tomatoes are just starting to pop their little cotyledons out of the peat pods in the ice cube tray on my stove.

And good thing my friend who is an ornamental horticulturist and Alta Vista Garden board member sent me the link where I found great information about getting my soil in better condition to allow them to thrive once they get past their baby stage.

Storm Warning...

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