Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Race To The Finish

"Sunny Afternoon"
..."These writings expressed a yearning for a simpler, more contemplative life. 'If you drive a car at 70 m.p.h. , you can't do anything but keep the monster under control,' he expressed." Krutch
Whenever I am driving on the freeway, it is inevitable that a pile of cars will come zooming up from behind. If I don't see them coming, I stay wherever I am and let them roar by.
I do resent it when I am going the speed limit and someone in the slow lane is going 30 miles slower and one of the zoomers starts tailgating or even flicking their lights; but most times, I just move on over. What's the hurry? I just don't get it. Of course that could be because I haven't had a "real" job in so long. I guess I have forgotten the drama, horrible stress and anxiety of conforming to expectations.

I did hear lately that people who suffer from guilt lead more productive lives. On the other extreme of that are those who suffer no guilt (sociopaths). They are at the top of the heap, (the 1%?). I wonder how they define "productive"?

The picture above is from a box of note cards I bought enough years ago that they were "made in the USA". The artist is Sally Rosenbaum.
“I like to show moments in time that invite reflection and celebrate the life of sensation, inner thought and contemplation."
This painting seems to sum me up pretty good. French country chair, aluminum teapot, cup and saucer, flowers, garden, purple, sun and contemplation...I try to keep a card nearby for viewing pleasure. 

I can't tell you how many times all the zoomers flew by me for us all to end up lined up together at the bottom of an off ramp. Not too far ahead they got; but I guess it made them feel powerful or something to race ahead of me.

All I know is that while the zoomers were racing to the finish line, I was toddling along, trying to suck in the scenery and enjoy the journey, not the getting there. I seldom, seldom have music on as nature seems to instruct my thinking in a better way. Maybe on a long journey, like from here to California, I will turn on some tunes; but invariably, I will start reminiscing and "wishing" to go back in time. Once in awhile I can stand a little of that, but mostly it's better not to trigger those emotions. And, it kind of eats up today.

So, as for eating up is the image I just spent a good one half hour trying to figure out how to load. Finally, I resized it, which still didn't help. So, I went to "edit HTML" loaded it there. Voila! I cropped it about six time from the original before resizing, uploaded it to picassa several times, before, finally the HTML thing seemed to do the trick. As it turns out, I like this croppeddddd image the best. Just so glad it stayed horizontal! Now lets see if it's there tomorrow?!!!!

So, I was Ms. SpoolTeacher today, progressing along on the dust ruffle one of my housekeeping jobs commissioned me to devise to stitch around the perimeter of her coverlet so she doesn't have to try to scrunch that silly box spring ruffle under the mattress.
I was so delighted to remember that in my box of tricks attachments was a ruffler foot. Saved me hours of gathering by hand. Phew!!!!

It was a race to the finish, in slow motion... as Old Fool says, "A time traveler traveling through time at 1 second per second (sps)"


  1. It's not an aluminum pot it's a tin plated copper pot. I just know it.

    1. probably much safer to drink from. My single serving aluminum one with a wrapped handle is much better for rooting pothos!