Monday, March 12, 2012

If It's Not One Thing, It's Another

It's been a long time since I was disappointed not to be going to work; but one of my favorite ladies, for whom I work, had to take a trip to the hospital last night.
I just love working in her company. We have a good time. I never know what she will be having me do. We just invent things as she pleases: dishes, refrigerator, mop, laundry, sit and talk, watch a movie she has been wanting to share!
I was up and ready and I always give a courtesy call ahead of heading out.
Her husband answered. I sure hope she is okay.
I was actually disappointed not to be going.
But, being "Ms. Jackie SpoolTeacher of all Trades", many other things were available to fill the schedule. There was the bed skirt to finish...
Another favorite lady who has me clean, had asked me to put a ruffle around her comforter so she wouldn't have to use a dust ruffle. I stated a price I thought I could manage.
When I delivered it today, I told her that if she ever asks me to do that again it will be $150!
I hugged her as I said it. But I really wanted to say, "$250"!
"Reverse engineering" anything is never what you think it will be.
Of course it didn't help that I pinned it on wrong twice. Twice!
The first time sideways. The next time with the raw edge not where I wanted it.
I've been sewing my whole life. Girl needs to get a clue.
And it was miles and miles of ruffle.
Not to mention that I tried two different ways of stitching it on and ripping it out while it was pinned on with the raw edge wrong.
So, already I had:
  1. measured the bed,
  2. measured the fabric (to figure the best way to cut it)(it was two twin bed sheets she had on hand), 
  3. measured and cut the fabric,  
  4. french seamed the pieces together, 
  5. hemmed the lower edge with a 1/2 " double fold, by hand, on the machine,
  6. gathered the upper edge with my ruffler foot, (actually, a gathering foot),
  7. double fold hemmed the sides...
I didn't bother to count hours as I had already made the commitment to the price.

She was happy. She said, "It makes it look like a whole new room, now I need new sheer curtains."
It pays to be a perfectionist. It turned out just perfect in length. Perfect. Don't know how I quite managed that. And even though I thought the gathering foot left the fullness a little skimpy, now I can't imagine it being any more full.
Boy, that gathering foot was a lifesaver. I'd be working a month of Sundays had I not remembered I had it.
I did alarm her to be careful of the corner. Can't tell you how many times I have tripped over a dragging coverlet corner. I told her I'd take a tuck or something if it caused her a problem. I think it looks pretty hanging, but it is dangerous.
I sure don't want to be the cause of any trips to the hospital.

Another good day, although my back is complaining.

It's good to be a "Jackie of all Trades". If there's not one thing to do, there is always the other.

"Master of baby shoes, among other things."


  1. I've got to get a gathering foot.
    I really have a hard time continuing when I pin something wrong but don't notice until I have it sewn in place. If the material is cheap I just drop it in the rag bag but I seem to mostly do it to expensive material.

  2. I have a million and one projects in my mind to do with all my "rags". I don't throw any scrap away. There is always a rag rug to be made...someday.
    You might enjoy this scrappy escapade:
    And on this one, I used the seams and inseams of people's clothes I had altered to make the fringe on the edge of the pillow: