Wednesday, March 14, 2012


This is what we saw today, ragamuffin Little Red-Haired Girl and I, as we walked along our favored path.
Since she lost part of her fur coat, the limp seems to have subsided.
Cross fingers.

"Come on, Mom."
She was ready to go, go, go...
As we started down the alley, she started looking left, which makes me look left.
It was our friend, Solomon, doing work in a neighborhood yard. Solomon is everywhere. He does everything, and I guess he's Irish now.
I think he just wants a kiss...

He was soldering a fence and jumped right up to greet us. When I asked to take his picture, he went and posed in front of his soldering tools, but I can't get that picture to load with him standing up.
When we got home, we admired our own beautiful nature stories.

"A weed in a general sense is a plant that is considered by the user of the term to be a nuisance."

There are some nuisances I don't mind sprouting in my yard.
We (this area) have a prolific tree that sprouts up everywhere. Many people don't like them. For years I too pulled them out thinking they were a nuisance. As the years went by and I studied them more, (as well as when the electric bill started to look unmanageable), I realized how fast they grow, how sturdy they are, what great shade they make, and if they get too numerous....dah, wood for the fireplace! dah!
Girl needs to get a clue.
It's near impossible to grow a garden in the heat of the summer here; but people who have mesquite trees, often garden in raised beds under them. Perfect.
So I'm no longer pulling these little nuisances up. I may very well be living within a wood someday.
That will suit me just fine.

Oh, and they are deciduous, so winter the sun can come through.
Can a wood be deciduous?
I'm not sure if these are them or not, but I think they are. They grow everywhere here. Shaded alleys, yeah.

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