Thursday, July 5, 2012

Strawberries, Cherries and An Angel's Kiss In Spring

Food security.

If you grow your own, you gain a little independence from the big M. If we all do it, we can really leave an impression.

A hummingbird was visiting these pretty pink flowers yesterday.

Lizards are everywhere. Pretty turquoise ones too. Big fat guys that have probably been around a couple of seasons fattening up on bugs.
There was a lone lady bug beetle on the prowl, her relatives need to be invited to come for dinner too, is she just being greedy?
Squash seem to grow like weeds. Cantaloupe too.
This was the beginning of the raised bed. Leaf mold had been turned into the existing "soil". 

Then the tomatoes that had been started inside were hardened off. The first one went into a pot to test. It grew very well until the heat intensified.
Another had been transplanted into the raised bed shortly after the potted one.
It grew luscious, large leaves while the potted one's leaves remained small.
It became clear that it would be seriously stunted to be left in the pot so it was transplanted to the bed next to the luscious leaves. They are both growing along steadily; however the lush leaved one has the first tomato growing.
The rest were set out all over the yard in raised hoops, and in strategic locations where ever soil had been amended and there would be good sun exposure.

Cantaloupe was seeded into the bed after the zinnia sprouted. Without a diary of things done, it's hard to keep track of whether they sprouted or the transplants are now the ones growing there or both.

Either way there is a riot of growth going on. And everything loved the first downpour of monsoon rain, that rained on the forth of July Parade.
Stawberries, cherries and an angel's kiss in spring

Let's hope the going growing keeps going growing good.

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