Tuesday, July 3, 2012

America The Beautiful

Happy Birthday America.
All the more reason to want to stay, problems to solve. Running never does anyone any good. Nor avoidance, nor denial.
Head on. Hit it with your best shot.

Bird in the trees.

Beautiful skies.

Dreams of things to do with soda pop cans.

A Quonset Hut laying in wait of a designers twisty dream.

Pallet idea of ways to build on the budget wise.

More beautiful skies than anyone deserves.

Cute Little Red-Haired Girl to help with work. Sure.
Or go on walks...
To their lovely neighborhood park and home again, giggity gig.

They think they are pretty darned lucky to be born in a country with this many problems to solve while there is still all this beauty, hope and good around.

They just want to keep it simple, and wish everyone else did too.

No animals harmed in the making of this meal.
It wouldn't hurt if everyone became vegan on the way....
Happy Birthday, again, America The Beautiful.

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