Monday, May 21, 2012

Every Now And Then

Sunday morning, first thing church.
Good news about not holding on and letting go. Transformation. And then a wonderful time of fellowship during Pot Blessed.

Oh, that Ms. SpoolTeacher was any good at cooking and maybe not a vegetarian?.

She'd better stick with baby shoes, those she knows.

Sunday is usually sanctioned for rest; but since so many of the weeks days had altered her intentions, she felt compelled to do a little catch up. It's kind of mindless, sitting with a board on her lap, pinning patterns to flannel, cutting and pinning and cutting and pinning.
She could still meditate and be grateful for her overflowing cup.

The total eclipse of the sun was happening this day, and she was remembering being a little girl and her mother saying, "Now, you can not look at the sun! It will ruin your eyes. Do you think you can keep from looking?"

"Mommy, I'm afraid I won't be able to keep from looking."

"Okay, you'd better stay inside."

Her curiosity hasn't subsided. She was wondering if she could keep from looking this time...

So as the day unfolded and the eclipse started getting closer, she put away her laptop cutting board and put a collection of paper pots on her kitchen cutting board and started planning the approach to transferring her little seedling experiment into bigger pots. That way she could spend some time outside not watching the transformation of the setting eclipsing sun.

Gardening for food security is a new, steep learning curve and she isn't very good at having others tell her what to do, she wants to learn on the fly so she just tries things that seem on the side of intuitive..."Hmm, what would I want if I were a plant?"

Her clean towels were flappin' in the wind in the eclipsing sun while she continued to try not to look; even though everywhere she turned the sun was taunting her in her face...
"Look at me, look at me, I'm so big and beautiful, you know you want to look at me, LOoK!"

She thought about calling her sister and reminding her also, not to look because she had had to stay in when they were young too, the mother not believing they wouldn't.

She busied herself making potting mix with all the composted material that had overflowed her raised wired beds .

Little Red Haired Girl was having no trouble not looking at the sun and she thought she wanted to help Mom until she realized it looked a little to much like work...

"I think I'll go lay down."

So Ms. SpoolTeacher made a batch and tried several ways of re-potting the baby plants...

She's not sure how it will all turn out. Somethings didn't look all that happy..
Time will tell.. In the mean time, the eclipse was occurring so she rushed in and tried to devise a looking tool...
and it was working just as it should...
...there it was the crescent sun...but she still kept wanting to look...
So, she compromised and let her camera see.
It was making everything look pretty. So much for being trusted. She just couldn't stay inside this time.

"Sorry Mom, but it made me think of you all day. I don't think I ruined my eyes."

Every now and then, a total eclipse of the heart.

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  1. Update: All the little trans-plantings were doing pretty good until the ones Ms. ST left on the ground overnight in a plastic lettuce box had their "hairs cut" by Little Red-Haired Girl who was looking for something green to soothe her upset tummy. She's worth way more than any old trans-plants.