Monday, November 5, 2012

They Were "Little Women"

Until the little boy was born, they had thought of themselves as Little Women.
For many years, it had just been the girls, doing their best to thrive.

The first baby of the baby was a girl, but she was more like a sister to the sisters that were the Little Women. Her mother was nineteen when she was born and it was another twelve years later that the little boy was born.
The boy helped rescue his Grand Momma from a five year, disturbingly long clinical depression.
Finally a boy, the Grand Momma's dream had come true.
Not that she didn't like her girls, but "It's a man's world", she'd say. "It's a lot easier for a boy."
Ms. SpoolTeacher didn't ever wish she had been a boy. She thought it was actually much harder to be a boy.
Oh, sure. Doors open easier in corporations for boys, but only if they are six feet tall and two hundred pounds and white...and in the end, she realized that she would never be able to fulfill her dreams in the middle of a corporation or clamoring/clawing her way up the ladder just to bump her head on the glass ceiling anyway.
Boys can't cry, and Little Ms. SpoolTeacher needed to cry a lot when life got hard, which it did quite a bit back then. But she mostly cried to herself, in her room, under her breath...
Can you imagine a boy crying because he didn't get the job at the corporation because he was only five foot eleven and three quarters!
Boys can't cry!
Oh yes they can, and real boys cry. And if their mother's stop them or their father's call them girls because they cry, then these parents aren't real parents! What's wrong with being a girl?

Girls just want to have fun!
Maybe boys do too.

It's a good thing there are both or there wouldn't be either, ha!
Not without a whole lot of "spare" ribs!
Thank GOD for the boys!

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