Monday, June 18, 2012

Picket Fence White or Happy Late Father's Day Mom

<This story begins here.

Ms. SpoolTeacher has such a hard time making herself do the things she has to do to make money.
She would much rather be slathering paint on an old piece of furniture or one of the walls of her "Castle".
Because she doesn't like to work at a J.O.B.B. so much, she tries to be very frugal and use what she already has on hand.
(for every $10 she spends, she remembers it's another hour of scrubbing someone's toilet, if that isn't motivation enough to not spend...???)

So she mooched through her left over drums of paint to see which one looked like it could go on this wall, other than the blue she had already used on two of the others, (she likes to have different walls different colors).
This looked white in the can, but she could tell it would turn into something else, (the clues..the drips on the side of the can, although that is not always dependable as she often transfers paint from one bad can into a better one..), and she didn't want white white or even Picket Fence White as that would be too light reflecting in her calming bedroom/office/TV room and was what the hall is and she didn't want it quite running seamlessly into that without some visual break.
And as she said over here, she likes to slather paint on with a Purdy brush as she hates dragging out all that roller mess...
So by the time she was painting the bedroom/office/TV room, the dresser in the story that started this story was finishing drying out on the back patio/porch/concrete slab.
Well, it took her all day to sweep the floors, mop them, paint the wall, and drag everything back into place... dusting and cleaning while at it and making her bed up new.

The cabinet has sliding doors and used to have speaker mesh on the sides but she think she may leave it like this. There is a shelf to sit on it too, but she doesn't have time to sand it and paint it just now.

So, it looked clean, new and uncluttered... needed to be a staging surface and a shoes under place, and a place for sorting laundry and...papers and her everything bag and...

Just in time for her birthday to herself...                      

Her favorite Aunt never fails to remember the date and she is always the first rememberer in the mailbox...

This year the card came with a balloon to blow up.

Ms. SpoolTeacher huffed and puffed and then tied her eyeglass keeper-onner onto the tied up balloon belly button and strung it on the plant hook that hangs directly above her head as she sleeps so now she wakes up to a balloon swinging in the oscillating fan blowing air right above her head to remind her that her favorite Aunt is ever faithful and always in her corner.

So there.

She spent Father's Day wishing her mother was still around because they (she and her two other sisters) always gave their Father's Day gifts and Love to her since she did both Father and Mothering jobs. And that job was a three letter J.O.B. A good one.

"Happy Late Father's Day, Mom.
Love, Jackie of all Trades"

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